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Ricardo M

New to website and fish hobby

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Hello all


Im pretty new to this hobby and loveing every single secound of it. i got a pretty wierd selection of fish that i own all together in one tank..tank is pretty big. and its has 9 cichled fish liveing within the tank


Red devil


blood perrot

green terror


jack d>

x2 convicts

And one fish i cannot name and also dont no at the moment



all within the same tank.

i currently have two hobbys. one hobby is my main hobby and thats RC heli flying but my girlfriends brother had a tank with fishes in his apartment and i started with a betta with my girl. then he died. so i learned about water condition. got myself a 55G tank and had mollys and tropical fish..which was great and had great personality and i fell in love with my girls brother convict cichled. everytime i went to his house i always say I LOVE THAT FISH! and he was pretty big also. (note i did not no about tropical and cichled at the time). One day i went over and told him i want that fish. HE SAID OK TAKE IT!!!! i was like NO WAY!!! never seen a fish with such cool looking colors (gray w/black strips) got him home an just slaped him in my tank.(didnt no about stress of water change and temp and the time also lol) but he was good to go anyway and started to mark his territory (didnt freaking no about that about cichled also) so he became the big dog of the tank. i was like HUH very cool. then he was so aggressive i thought maybe he needed another big fish to like fight him back and calm him down. (mollys was to small and was swiming away from him ) so i got a blood perrot about the same size. and at that time i didnt throw him in the tank. placed bag in water and waiting 15min for temp to match so he want go crazy and die with the dramatic water temp change. put him in tank and convict was like WTH!! but then he calmed down due to the blood perrot growing bigger then him now.


Now i have 2 cichled in the tank with the mollys...soon one molly died..i was like OOO NO MY FISHY!! at that time i was like well gotta get another fish..so went to our petstore and bought (well girlfriend bought) a little green terror. he was small and looked really cool! put him in tank and he was happy as can be..couple day later anoth molly died. and found out the other mollys killed him cause one was really aggresive. I was like dang time to by another fish..went to the pet store and bought two fish..another convict and the other fish tha i dont no the name of yet. and threw them in the tank..they were great..then all my mollys ended up dead....i was like COME ON!!!! did my research and found out all about cichled and so on!


SO i was like well ok that sucks...i went and bought a fontosa due to the fact i loved the way it looked in my PH increase bottle with the hump on its head...gotta have that fish! so bought it when he is small..threw him in tank and he was fine and also bought the jack d. due to the great colors on him. (All my ciclhed io bought when they were small - the convict from buddy)


all was well and seen an oscar at the petstore (always going to petstore now) and thought they were really nice looking fish..so got and oscar..small also now i ran into a red with black lips and patchs on him and was very lively. I HAD TO GET IT! and found out it was a red devil fish! i was so happy and excited cause i heard so much about it...


no i have all these cool very friendly to each other in my 55G tank an they were small..but researching on my cichleds i found out how BIG THEY ALL GROW!! i was like GREAT i gotta by a bigger tank..so went and bought my big tank and now they are even more happy..and by far the Red devil is my main and most fav. fish out of the group just love how they look when the all grow to adult size...and mostly all my ciclhed are as big as my convict..so my convict is not a big dog like he used to be..but not yet bigger then my blood perrot/


just want to share the experince i have in this hobby and loveing ever secound of it...just hope all my cichleds stay getting along with eaCH OTHER. i red up that the red devil are ment to be alone and they cant get along with others and so on...just hope mine stay with geting along with each other..


thier sometime a little chase here and thier but nothing bad


just glad i can share it with other cichled hobby lovers

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