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New 30 gallon set-up

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Okay, I was posting on another forum VERY unsuccessfully. In fact, a few people were even rude.


All that aside, I started a new 30 gallon fish tank. Filter runs 160GPH, pH is a little over 9, I've been introducing Lake Cichlid Salt to buffer the hardness and whatnot as well. The aquarium specialists at the store near my house suggested I purchase a leleupi and let him acclimate in the tank for about a week before adding a jeweled goby cichlid that I now have in the tank. The poor goby is backed into a corner and the large holy rock that I have in the tank (that takes up the majority of the tank) has been claimed by the leleupi and the goby seems pretty unhappy. I need advice on whether or not I should remove the goby or the leleupi and what route I should go with stocking the tank afterwards. I realize it's a small tank, but I've heard that you can have a 30 gallon Lake Tang tank successfully.


If I have ANY room for preference, I'd like to house more than just one species and for them to get along somewhat well. Someone mentioned shell dwellers on the other forum and I researched them and was interested, but I hear that even some of them have questionable temperaments. I'm basically asking for a detailed stocklist because I'm new to Lake Tanganyika and my conditions are what they are.






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