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Help me identify Plse, and gender

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Well im new, so posting pics and formats are still a little challenging. but i did manage to get two pics of what i suspect is my couple, of a male and female South African Cichlid pair.. will someone help me with the identifying portion u knw the funny names in the parenthsis below. Looking that for care and breeding do's and dnts. so any help is appreciated. Tiger is really aggressive Chasin Roxy all the time unless i make it dark then they turn black them selves tiger is a gold/GREEN reflective spots from front to back, with vertical black stripes. Roxy is wider than tiger at times gets aggressive guess she get tired of running but she is grey black with one vertical dark strip toward what i think is the dorsal fin, not the actual tail fin. HELP, THE PICTURES OF MY COUPLE ARE IN THE GALLERY PAGE IF U CAN HELP, THE NAMES ARE: Tiger and Roxy cant get the pics on here cause the pic's max the 100k.

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