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need help plz

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okay so i just bought a cichlid about a week ago at my pet store (tank just said south american cichlids) and i was thinking about breeding it but i cant figure out what type of cichlid it is or what sex it is. i have been looking up species of cichlids on the internet and i think that it might be from the melanochromis family but im not sure. its yellow with black stripes pointing downward from its back to the middle section of its side. all its fins are yellow also except that they are outlinged with black. its quite small right now. about 2 inches. im very new to having cichlids so if anyone could help me with figuring out what kind i have i'd appreiciate it :) im not sure if its from the melanochromis family but its body type is the same as a young male so idk. help plz:)

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