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Hello, question regarding compatability

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Hello everyone :)


I am a betta enthusiast, last year i received a betta which i bought a 3.5 gallon tank for.


My boyfriend decided he would get me 3 golden zebra danios as tankmates for the betta. Ive put bettas with other fish before without problems but never in such a small tank. The danios ended up nipping my betta and i bought them their own 3.5 gallon tank. Anyways i know this is still way too small for danio fish, and i have a buddy that has 3 tanks that are at least 10 gallons each, and i know he has several cichlids. He said he would take the danios but before i give them to him i want to make sure they wont get eaten.


I dont know exactly what type of cichlids he has but i was just wondering if in general you can pair cichlids with small fish like the danios? If i gave them to him i would buy at least 7 more so they had a good size school to swim around in.


I have read that schools of small fish like danios or neons can be used to show the cichlid that it is safe to come out of hiding (i forget the correct word for it) But i wanted to ask here and get any other opinions first!



Thanks so much for any replies!

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