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Hello Everyone

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I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I have checked out a few other site and thought I would see how this one was. I am new at the cichlid thing and have fallen in love with them. I have 17 small african cichlids (1 1/2 inch or less)

6 Africian cichlids ( 3 to 4 1/2 inches) and 3 Plecos.


I have two 10 gallon tanks, a 29 Gallon tank & a 55 Gallon tank.

I am still trying to ID some of them but this is my list so far.


2 Ps. Saulosi (M & F)

1 Ps. Acei (F)

2 M. Estherae (M & Unknown)

3 M. Lombardoi (M & 2 F)

2 L. Caeruleus (M & F)

1 L. Fulleborni (F)

3 M. Auratus (M & 2 F)

3 Pleco

9 Unknown

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