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sick/injured oscar

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I am hoping that someone can help me figure out what might be the problem with my oscar. It is a larger fish, about 8 inches long and shares the tank with another oscar the same size. They have been acting like they were mating, but nothing ever really happens. Sometimes they get to thrashing around in the tank, a 55 gal, but they do not appear to be fighting. A few days ago one of them started to drift to one side. He just floats around kind of tilted. It doesn't appear to be eating properly, but it is not acting starved or anything like that. Very alert and the other oscar actually stay right with it. It can straighten itself upright at times, but doesn't stay there. The only other thing different is one of the pectoral fins appears to be non moving. It doesn't look like it is injured, but it stays in one position up against the body. Normal color in it's eyes, fins and everything else. I have had these fish for 2 years, so I know that they haven't picked up any disease, they are in the same tank, no other roomies or anything like that. Any help will be appreciates...thanks Gypsy

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