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Hello I am new to this board.

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:( I wish I were joining the group under brighter circumstances. I just discovered this site a little too late I guess.

I had been fighting with my convict cichlid for 3 days to keep him alive.

Tonight he was suffering, I knew he was going to go, at 11 pm he passed on, an hour later he came back to life. Weird huh? Well here it is about 3 am I just gave him the ole flush. I had him for 5 yrs. Playful lil bugger, but he was so territorial I could not have many fish in the tank with him.

I have no clue what got him so ill so quick. Outside of his hormonal redish coloring he gets when he would stress out or get a lil friskey, he had what almost looked like burns. He bloated real fast, fought real hard, and well he lost the battle.

So yeah I was attached to my lil "Pinkey"

I am setting up a new tank this weekend. Will let it cycle for a week or so before I add any fish to the tank.

I am looking to get more cichlids.

Some I have considered, I cant sem to make up my mind on.....

Peacock, Firemouth, Texas, Red Parrot cichlids. Havin a hard time choosing what to get vs what will work with other fish.

If anyone have any suggestions please post a reply here, or feel free to mail me back.

Thanks so much!



I have included a pic of Pinkey He was about 4" long and very active. You can see in the picture where he changes color when very active. He was a very spoiled fish. Wish I had some better pics of him. I will miss the lil bugger though. He was my buddy.


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I bought 3 new cichlids yesterday. They are beautiful. As soon as I house them in the roman tank, I will hook everyone up with pics. :D

I have not had this type of fish before, they look exactly like the German Reds, but they are called, Baenschi Cichlid. It looks kind of like an orange baenschi or a Greman peacock. And 2 Dameson Cichlids. When I get them home Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, I will post some pics indeed.

I am debating some very beautiful disk fish in the ocean decor bowfront tank.

I am interested in knowing what you all think of the disk fish.

I miss my Pink Convict Cichlid, but it is so exciting to be setting up not one but now 2 tanks. With my Pink Convict Cichlid, I was able to mix in a school of Large Danio, Algee Eaters, and Clown Loaches, and one skunk catfish who when I bought him I thought was a brown loach. I have a feeling with the new cichlids I am buying....I may have to put them in another tank all together.

We shall see though.


Astarte 66


Octavia Love ;)

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