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Electric Yellow Tragety

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Oh man,


A friend of mine had given me a school of 12 electric yellows, probibly 5 weeks old when i recived them. I had rasied the fish for 3 years, and in a tragic accident I had changed too much of the water in the tank at one time. I woke up the next morning to find that only 3 were still alive. 1 large male and I belive to be 2 females. In a rush a proceed to remove the fish to a safe water tank so as to remove the dead ones and clean it out. When all was cleared out of the big tank, to my shock I noticed 8 tiny little fry swimming around in my tank. Did the mother spit them out right before i rescued her or had they been in the tank before the accident and lived? I do not know. I got them out and put them in a clean bowl with some air. The fry are all about 2cm in length or smaller, are free swimming, have no coloration, but are carring no yolk sak.

After filling the tank and testing the PH ( it was 7.8 ) good. I bought a netted housing to place inside the tank to hold the fry. put the 3 fish that lived back in the tank. Now my question is that do the fry need more time with the mother in the mouth? and also i observed the fry not interested in the flake food ive given to them, im worried they are not eating. is this normal? and how old do you suppose the fry are?



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