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Kitsune Cichlid Luver

newbie from Missouri looking for advise...please

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Hi there, my name is Sarah I am a 24 year old college student from Columbia,MO, I honestly don't own any Cichlids yet...but I would really want to though I had a convict for a while and he was a real joy to keep...I am looking for something that would be good for someone that has never really kept Cichlids before. I would prefer something that could do well in a 20gal tank. Since I am not too sure if I have the space for anything bigger then that as of right now.

if any of you all have any advise I would love to hear it.


I also keep Bettas, and Puffers I don't have any puffer just yet but I plan on getting a dwarf puffer fish in the next few weeks and will be housing him in his own 5 gallon tank....I am also trying to breed some pond snails in my back yard....for a nice steady supply of snacks for him once he gets home. I heard that Puffers since they have beaks need to gnaw on hard shelled animals often so they can trim their teeth back.


if you all want once I get a decent usb port going for my digital camera i can post up pictures of all of my Bettas and the new Puffer, lol I have two Bettas already but I may be getting two or three new ones at some point soon.

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