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I found this site while looking for information on Convicts. Have only kept Oscars from the Cichlid family, although for some reason I'm thinking the Angel fish is a Cichlid. I have had several mated pairs of African Angels, and mature Oscars.


My favorite fish is is a hybrid-cross between an African and a South American catfish. I keep her in a 150 gal. tank because she's grown to be 14 inches. She has real personality, clearly recognizes me and will take food from my hand. She doesn't like men with gray hair (my husband), and will sit calmly at the end of the tank with me as I do my needlepoint. She is 13 years old.


I've been keeping freshwater tanks since I was a youngster, and have been establishing and maintaining them on a semi-commercial basis for many years. I am attracted to the Convicts because they are hardy breeders, and I use the fry for bartering with the local distributor.


I am impressed by the Convicts' disposition - like the Oscars - they have intelligence and are interactive with me when I'm near the tank. Presently, my pair is engaged in what I think is mating behaviors; very active and territorial. Since I put them in their own tank, they are more playful and a delight to watch.

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