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Starting a 29 gal tank, Need fish selection advice

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Not sure what to get for a 29 gal. tank. I would like something colorful, able to hold its own agianst other fish but most impotant, wont out grow my tank. And how many can I have? Any comments would help. Thanks

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I have a 29G Malawi tank with plants and about 60lbs of rocks. Using African Cichlid substrate, one bio wheel filter and one whisper filter. having two filters really helps keep it clean. I use RO water only in the tank. Have had the tank over a year and a half. 2 syodontis. NOW only 6 cichlids left. I have lost a few over time from aggression and mysterious disappearances. The fewer fish I have the higher aggression gets. Right now I can not even stand the level of aggression I am experiencing. I would like to start all over and get an south american community tank but that would be a lot of trouble to get rid of my beautiful fish that I have left. The only alternative I have is to invest in some more fish. I will most likely overstock the tank and buy about 5 more. But it will cost a ton because I don't want to buy juveniles that would just disappear in a couple days.


So when setting up your tank. I would recommend cycling the tank with some Giant Danios. Constantly monitor your water conditions. then introduce as many very young fish as you can afford!! only buy fish that are considered small to medium when mature. Also, introduce them in odd small number groups or 3 or at a time.


good luck and buy a book before you do anything

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Guest Jamie

I agree.


I setup my 55 gallon about a month or so ago, have put in 10 African Cichlids all about 2" and the max adult growth will be 5" max. I plan on putting about 2-4 more and thats it for now. I have two Emperor 280's running and plenty of rock/fake plants/and a few other various wood/rock like decorations. I use crushed coral and dolomite mixed with a little bit of light-medium brown gravel just for some color. My ph level stays average for the cichlids and have had no problems. Some of them are already starting to change some color and for the most part aren't too aggressive. I have a couple that chase each other here and there, but nothing serious.


Personally, I would recommend the Cichlids (either African or South American). They are beautiful, hardy and entertaining fish. I can't wait until they get full size! Oh, and please don't do what someone in another forum posted: put a goldfish in there! That would be a great injustice for the goldfish and may actually hurt some of the cichlids due to high ammonia, etc.


Good luck and like last post said, do your research. Many books/forums,etc out here and even google!

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