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Guest Lenny

Hello Everyone, 1st tank advice needed

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Guest Lenny

Hello every one my name is Lenny. I have 3 freshwater, semi aggressive set ups. 10 gal.,29 gal.,and a new 55 gal. After moving the fish into the 55 gal, I decided that I would like to do a cichlid set up in the newly emptied 29 gal. Bought the proper chemicals to raise the Ph level and some lake salt. New is Fish, but I dont know what and how many to get. I would like something colorful, able to hold it's own ground with another "grumpy" fish, but most important wont out grow a 29 gal tank. Anyone able to give me some advice? I have other E-mail address for communicating in easier. I'd really apprecieate any help. Thanks

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