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Guest Chauncey Fowler

Any Free fish in Austin Area

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Guest Chauncey Fowler

If there are any people that are moving or tired of there tank and fish i'm your man.I run a service of aquarium cleaning and i adopt fish and supplies along with tanks.If you have aquatic supplies or anything that has to do with fish aquariums and they are unwanted contact me Email:fowlerchauncey@yahoo.com


All donated supplies and tanks go to people around austin that never had a tank and/or kids that would love to have there own tank or fish.For some kids i keep there fish ,they name it and visit the fish and feed them.I enjoy seeing the smiles on all the people who visit and name the fish i have for them.This project has gain a lot of acknowledge.


Thanks to all the people that love fish and all the people that strive to keep other people happy.A big thank you to all those who donated to my organization for the kids.



Chauncey Fowler

Name that fish,CEO

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