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how to tell sex of fish

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Guest mark fishkepper

I am new to cichlids how do i tell if they are male or female and can a yellow lab and a cobalt mate. Thanks

males R briteer & have egg sopts females R duller spwning is ezenuf if U have both sexs trun up temp 2 85 african breed tn warmer water & clean 2 .water change R a must no temp flax 85 degr

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hi jan, usually on a male cichlid the dorsal (top) and the anal fin ( lower rear) has very long trailer behind it, while the female's are more rounded at the ends. the male is usually the more colorfull and prominent to help attract a mate. This however isnt true for all cichlids. Oscars are almost impossible to tell apart without checking surgically. Convicts are relatively easy to discern since the female almost always has a red tinted belly. After you have cichlids for a little while it will get easier to see the charactistic traits of the different sexes. If your trying to breed some fish, i recommend adding some pics on here and getting some opinions

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