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pregnant cichlid

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i have a cichlid who has a pretty swollen belly. i have her and dad separated with plexiglass from the others with another cut piece of plexiglass with holes in it so the eggs can fall through without either of them eating them.i might get lucky , im not sure what to do from here. i did have another pair produce baby fry and i only knew this because i got lucky and saw them when i went to clean the tank , i was only able to save 4 of them because the others ate them up so fast. i can't tell (and i have been watching) if the others are mouth brooders or egg layers. or how i ended up with baby fry , the only reason why i know of my pregnant one is because i bought them that way yesterday at the pet store. i was so excited when i saw them and i feel bad for disrupting them but they are both eating and happy. can anyone help me from here? have a nice day

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