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Bob Peltz


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I am setting up a 50 gal cichlid aquarium and have some questions; I am thinking of dwarf cichlids as this is a rather small aquarium. How many dwarf's will it hold safely? Other than size, what is the difference in careing for dwarf's and normal size cichlids? I like the German Red Peacock's and Cobalts. What can I put in with these? What kind of food should I use? What other dwarf's can be mixed in with these? I need the names of dwarf breeders in the Los Algeles area, Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,



Upland, California

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I have a 125 gal tank and I was told it could hold up to 30 cichlids in a community setting, being that there are no pairs and all different species. A 55 gal could hold 15 cichlids safely. make sure you're water chemistry is good first. Add fish as groupes more than one fish at a time.Good luck

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