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New 75 Gallon Malawi Tank! Mold??

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Have 75 gallon tank been up and running 5 weeks. Have 9 Cichlids 10 medium silk plants. Chrystal clear 8.2 ph. Very happy 2 inch fish. Bought 100lbs crushed coral cichlide substarte. 125 gallon capacity canister filter temp is 78 to 79. Three med large rocky hiding areas. Good current flowing from left to right, plants have a gentle sway etc. Have a three tube broad spetrum nice lighting. tank is 48 x 18 x 18. Looks great but just noticed dark bright green spots on my silk plants maybe 4 or 5 the size of a penny??? Also some dark brown splotchs on my inflow pipe top side its also on my rocks????? What is this stuff brown and green?? And what do I do to get rid of it?? Been running the light a little longer than should 14 to 18 hours a day? Could that be doing it. Just did a one third waterchange and filter clean. Didnt touch my ceramic bological tray rinsed sponges only with aquarium water ? added onather carbon bag?


Any help would be appreciated. Thx

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Guest Daniel

That's called ALGAE! There are a bunch of different kinds of algae. Freshwater tends to favor the brown or dark green varieties, but you may get more depending on what was in the water that came in with your fish or hitched a ride on driftwood/plants.


A little bit is normal, large amounts overtaking the tank indicate too much nutrients/light. Cut your lights back a bit to mimick reality and do regular water changes to keep the nutrients down. Live plants also helps keep the nutrients down since they compete with the algae.

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