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Guest Kim  kkh711@peoplepc.com

UV Sterillization

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Guest Kim  kkh711@peoplepc.com
;) I am in need of some info on how to set up a UV sterillizer. I have a 92 gallon corner bow front tank. It sets right in the corner. Meaning no room to hang anything on the back. I want to install a sterillizer and dont exactly know how. I am using a under the tank in the stand a 404 fluval filter, I also have 2 Maxi Jet power heads hooked to sponge filters and also 2 tetra whisper air pumps for bubblers. I think I want a turbo twist sterillizer and would like to know how to hook it up before I buy it. What else would I need to set it up? I need it to go under the tank inside the stand and stand up. Is there anyone who can help me with my questions? Thank You Kim

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