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cichlids in community tank

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Hi There!

It is a little difficult trying to figure out this web site. I hooked on a few days ago and am trying to figure out how to pull up forums and such

I am just learning about cichlids now anf would some advice from someone regarding adding a couple of cichlids to a tank holding 5 Groumis.8 Platys 2 corys ,2 high fin tetra an a pair of Bettas .

I can not get much information from my local Pet stores so Imhope you can help me.

I have heard Rams are pretty calm but they seem to be hard to find. Hopefully there are a couple of other little Cichlids that would fit into my tank .

I would appreciate any suggestions My tank is 24 x 12 x16 high ,small gravel substrate, live plants,good aeration and PH about 6.8 to 7.0 temp 76 degrees

ANY SUGGESTIONS ? Crawdad :unsure:

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