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Guest reddevillover

My Devil is growing somethng out of head

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Guest reddevillover

Hello there, I have had this devil for three years and have had no problems until now. Latley he is less active and color is more pale then usual. I checked him today and was talking to him about whats going on, well to my dismay when he turned i noticed a little pimple looking thing right behind his eye and then i checked the other side and in the excact same place ther is another one. on one side ther is some thing coming out of it, greenish looking. if you know what this is and how to help please post as soon as possible so i maay help him. Big member of family around here, we call him fash'a = father of all fish. Thank you for everthing.


P.s. he is all by him self with no other fishes and I only feed him feeders once a month.

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