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My new little guys

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Not sure of what kind of cichlids these are, and having a horrible time tryign to find them on the internet. We bought 4 cichlids, a loach, and a pleco. One of the cichlids is a convict, and one we believe to be a Dickfield's Julia (Spelling?), but the other 2 are still unknown. The first is about 2 inches long, and looked liek a convic at the store, but once we got him home, his convict stripes faded, and now he has a lateral dark stripe with a circle at the end of it, along with another dark circle outlined in almsot gold under and a bit to the right of his/her eye. The other is only abotu an inch long, and is a pale cream color almost see-through, with orange stripes vertically along his/her body, and the bottom fins are more orangish. Pictures aren't that great.. hard to get without glare on the glass. post-378-1133490522.jpgThanx for any help!

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