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Breeding Behavior

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I have 2 jack dempseys, about 3" long. Recently the female laid eggs, and the male fertilized them. Some of the eggs were a yellow/brown color, and some turned white.

The day after they were laid, the female started eating the yellow/brown eggs. The day after she started eating the white eggs.

Is this normal dempsey behavior? Which eggs were the fertilized eggs? What can I do if she lays eggs again?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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if this is first time they have breeded

it is very common for them to not make it

the parents are not fully prepared to take care of the eggs and young


this will remedy itself as they learn what they need to do to be successfull parents


another thing that could be causing problems is stress

new fish added, poor water quality etc

reduce the stress and they will thrive

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