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Crushed Coral Now Cloudy Water

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A few months ago changed over to crushed coral when I moved up to a 60 Gallon tank. I also had a water softner installed and wanted to make sure the water balanace was healthy.


Washed the heck out of the coral, before putting it in the tank, but the water was cloudy anyway. The water got better as things settled down, but I never can get that crystal clear look I had with just gravel.


I have tried filter floss and commercial water clearing drops. I have a Penguin filter sized for the tank, water tests good and fish are happy.


Will this be an ongoing battle? Any suggestions or solutions?

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first of all cichlids need hard water so y would u add a water softener? second of all crushed coral may seam ok for african cichlids but it is kinda hard on their mouths because they like to dig and it is sharp. to get the water clear just do a couple of 50% water changes over about a 1 month period. another thing with crushed coral is that u are going to have a heck of a time cleaning it! ill warn u on that one. so give the water changes a try and see if that gets the tank clear ok? glad to help


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