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Pink and Black Convicts

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I want pink convicts out of the brood

I have a 55 gal tank (one of several tanks) that only houses convicts.

In this tank I have male pink convict (Big Pink Daddy) and several other black convicts.

Pink Daddy has paired up with a black one and have had one bach of fry since I got him 3 months ago, and by the way he takes care of the fry better than any of the other convicts that I have.

I was wondering, if anyone knows what my chances of any of the fry being Pink instead of black convicts? I hope the chances are good, at least decent, I would like to have more of them.

I also have a comunity tank (90) gal that I have several different breeds in that a while ago I noticed my red zebra female acting strange (my first with mouth brooders) so I took her out of that tank, and put her in a seperat 10 gal tank, to find out that she was carrying her young. That was interesting, I only ended up with one living fry, I really don't know why, I think that I vacuumed some up befor I moved her from the 90 gal tank (that is what I was doing when I noticed something up with her) I thought that we lost the fry, and ended up putting the mother back in the community tank. I was then given an 8 1/2 inch Red Devil cichlid (which I have found out is real hard to take care of) and until I had his aquarium set up I had him in that 10 gal for most of a day. After that, we had a bunch of convict fry about 2 mo. old we ended up moving to that same 10 gal tank. After all of this moving, and about another month my wife noticed that one of the convicts didn't look like a convict at all, it was that lonley red zebra. We call him LUCKY.

I am having fun at all of this, we started out with a 90 gal, and a 20 gal, and now I have those + a 30 gal, a 55 gal, a 15 gal, four 10 gal tanks, a 7 gal, and a 2.5 gal. This is really addictive.

My last bunch of babies were MELANOCHROMIS AURATUS I believe they are African Cichlids. We ended up with 39 of them.







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