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rusty fins

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Does anyone else have this problem? I have an electric yellow, electric blue and five mixed breeds, red zebra and something else, I don't remember, but they are a whitish pink in color. All my fish have a rusty color to their top fin now. I added the blue and yellow ones later then the others and shortly after, their fins did the same thing. Plus one of my pink ones has an obsession with rubbing itself on the heater lately. Any cause for concern? I have them in a 30 gallon tnk with 2 large danios and a pleco.

Any help would be appreciated.




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I don't know what can happen to your fish if your water conditioner does not remove copper, but maybe look at that?? Do you have rust in your water? I know if i use warm water to fill my tank rust appears on the rocks, from my water heater.


A pic of the problem would be nice.



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Not sure about the coloration.


Rubbing is usually a sign of poor water quality (either toxins in the water or water with very different parameters than the fish needs...like a really low pH for Rift Lake Cichlids) or an external parasite (like Ich) so I would really watch the tank. With your stocking level, you should keep an eye on your ammonia/nitrite/nitrate readings to make sure everything is in check.

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