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hi im new

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10g is okay, but bigger the better. the male is basicly stripped black and the female will have color such as orange on belly and fins. pink convict male is one color only and the female has orange on belly and bluish green on fin.


if you have those they will mate later on. convicts are one of the most easiest to breed. you don't have to do much but add a slate rock or if not they will spawn on the glass tank.


feeding is easy also. they normally eat pellets. occasionally little guppies. they dont get too big but sometimes they do up to 5-6inches. the bigger the tank they will get larger quicker. but not in a 10gallon.


they are one of the most aggressive small cichlid that you can find on the market and its cheap.


maintaing them is very easy as well. just change water once a month 30% or you can do it once a week. never do a complete change of water, you could but the convict will be stressed out alot. don't recommend that.


they tend to dig the gravel out of the area when they create their territory. they are very territorial... sometimes they do that because they will mate soon.


good luck :)

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YA those convicts breed easy got a pair in my 100 gallon they were in there a week and had babies they will be cheap feeders for the rest good luck with yours.

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