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Cichlid plant question

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Hi my name is Kris, im new to this forum.


I wanted to introduce myself. Im a 20 year old fish tank enthusiast and i have some questions for you guys since you obviously know what your talking about.


I have a 29 gallon set up right now, i have two live plants in it. A fern of some sort, and a Frilly leafed one. (i dont know the names im sorry) and my tank is set up to look like a salt water aquarium but with fresh water.


i want one of those bright lemon yellow cichlids to go in there. Do you think he'll be ok with my other fish?


i have Two glass fish, (1 inch long) 5 neon danios (1 inch) and a red tip black shark (1.5 inches)


now the sunny yellow cichlids ive seen are small than most others ive seen. and i want to know if one will be ok in a community tank?


id appreciate any answers to my questions:)



thank you guys so much!



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Guest josh

sorry but your tank is not big enough to take the risk of putting a cichlid in with community fish such as neons, for when he getts bigger or maybe even now your neon's will start to disappear or die of stress. a good rulke of thumb with cichlids is to not put a cichlid in a tnak with any fish that can fit in its mouth. If you decide to get this fidh at least provide hiding for the neons. :ph34r:

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