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shelia sims

angel fish

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does anyone know how to keep angel fish alive? apparently i dont! every time i buy one it lives about 2-3 days then dies. I keep the water temp. between 75-80. My tank has a good filter plus another air pump.I put a little salt in.The ph level is 7.0-7.5. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong? B)

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do you have an angel fish in the tank that isn't dying with the rest of them, or another fish in the tank that hasn't died yet?

What kind of tank setup do you have (ie size, filteration, all info you can provide really)? In order to help it is essential info. Also how long have you had fish living in the tank?

What are your water parameters (IE ammonia, hardness, nitrates, and nitrites)

Are you getting all the fish from the same pet store?? Maybe take a sample of your water to the store and get it tested...

I'd like to help, but more info is needed.


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