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False percula clown

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Does anyone know or have marine tanks? i have had mine set up for about 2 months(1 with live rock and 1 with live rock, 5 damsels, and 2 false percula clowns) and for the first 3 weeks with fish they all ate fine, but this week one of the clowns is not eating anything. the other clown that i have eats just fine and is rather fat. i am feedin them shrimp mix flake food, bio blend for small marine fish, and freeze dried brine shrimp. if any one has an idea of why the one clown has stoped eating please tell me.




1 marine 55 gallon tank


1 tropical mix 55 gal tank


1 african cichlid 55 gal tank


1 shell dweller african 10 gal tank


1 guppy 10 gal tank


1 angel fish 29 gal tank


and finally 1 29 gal molly tank


( and I am only 14 yr old and payed for it all!.............a lot of grass cutting!)

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I know i posted it on a few other marine web sites too i just wanted to see if there were any fellow marine fish keepers on this site. Any way the fish died last night. :( I think that it was just a bad fish from the store since it was not totaly healthy the whole time that it was alive.

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