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Hello I just got a Citrinellus from the local pet shop. I have a 200 gallon tank and a nice oak stand that I made for it as well. He is still kind of small. He is only about 3" or so. The tank is huge for him at the moment. I was wondering, if it is a male, how long might it take in my tank for him to grow his hump on his head. Or if it is just a certain age when they grow it? I baught this fish for its fiestiness and the big hump they get when they mature. I keep the water at room temperature which is a little over 70'. Which is the minimum temp to keep them at. I could always put a UVB light I have above it to maybe warm the water a little bit but I read somewhere they don't like bright lights. I have about 2" of gravel on the bottom and rocks and driftwood I set up all around the tank. He seems to like his new home compared to the crowded 15 gallon tank the store was holding him in. Should I buy some more citrinelli for him? I have read they mature best in a small school of about 5 others. But knowing that I don't want to buy some and then 4 end up dieing because the 2 mates wont let any other fish wander around. Should I just keep the one in the tank or will 6 citrinelli be good for life in a 200 gallon tank?

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