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I have been treating my Oscars 2each, jack Dempsey 1, Convics 2, for two days now, I was not sure if they had ICK or not , they would swim along and then just dip down and scrape the rocks, so I came in here and read a article about some one saying the same thing of their fish, I could not see any ICK on them but the scapeing worried me, I was confused because also in my tank are 2 Bala Sharks and 2 Pink Gourami none of them did that, but no where could I find information that Cichlids will do this scraping thing and it is normal.


So what can I do once a week or so to prevent fungi or disease of any sort?


Are UV sterilizers a good prevention?


Well guess I will put carbon back in.


Any advice are behavior patterns that you may know of I will appreciate.

Thanks in advance

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my cichlids do the samething i have been told that they are scraching there bodies .

i have a uv steriliser and its great it helps keep the algi down heaps but each to there own cause they aint cheap!

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The only time any of my cichlids scratch on the rocks is when the water quality gets bad. You have some huge waste producers in that tank, it would probably be a good idea to check water parameters and see if they are within a healthy range.


Some people claim that a little salt in the tank is a way to prevent parasites but I've never used it. Super clean water is the easiest way to avoid sickness and parasites since they usually only get a hold on a fish who is not healthy.

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