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Guest maribel

size question on red zebra

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Guest maribel

i am a newbie. i got 5 juvenile red zebras from a friend

of mine. they are not aggressive yet at this stage, although

my 10 gallon is definitely too small. there is one largest

one about 1.5 inches long, an orange male, he is definitely

running the show when it comes to feeding time. he chase

everyone away and wait on the top of the tank. the other blue

male, is very shy and nice to the 3 young ladies. i diagnose

the 2 as male, because one has a bluish tink on its pale orange,

and the other orange male has a white spot on its anal fin.


i just got them for 1.5 week now, monday the 17 to be exact.

i change about 20% water yesterday. 8 days. and add in the

stress coat, and every one of them seems happy so far.



when are red zebra consider no longer a juvenile ?

mine is still slender, does not have the hump yet on

the back, and look more like a slender ordinary goldfish

at around 1 to 1.5 inches long.


what size should i started to look out for mating and

possible fry ?


i like to see some babies (fry). i love their orange color. i

am working on getting a big 55 gallon tank soon.


thanks. i am newbie.

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