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  1. helps please

    Ok so i have an electric yellow cichlid and he eats normally, greets me when i come in, and swims i noticed he has been twitching and making his top fin looking bigger and he has been smacking himself on rocks like scratching. he had a ripped fin so i fed him some anti fungal infection could this food be causing it, or is itch please no amateurs i need experts on cichlid diseases and behavior please give an accurate answer and don’t say something mean or rude btw he is in with 4 tiger barbs and 1 rainbow shark
  2. interbreeding chiclids

    The interesting part about the Gold x EB cross is in the proportions... If exactly 50% of the fry were gold and 50% were blue, then you would know that the genes for Blue and Gold were co-dominant. If 25% were blue and the rest gold, then you would know that at least some gold rams are heterozygous for blue! If you got some that were a muddled in-between color, you would know that one or both of the genes for color were showing incomplete dominance (ie that you need two copies of the same color allele in one individual to get enough of the color-producing protein to be expressed and show the full vibrance of the color, like Japanese Four O'Clock Flowers). I am a biology grad student with an interest in genetics, which is why I started breeding fish in the first place, so this is my favorite part of the hobby!
  3. Algae Eater Help

    What is the best algae eating fish that wont eat aquarium plants. i was planning on getting a new plec until i realised he'd eat all my new plants, any suggestions?