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  1. 100 gallon tank

    100 gallon tank
  2. Snow White Fry

    Some pet stores will give you store credit or buy small fish.
  3. too many fish

    The easiest way i found to remove fry and keep them alive is to use a small air pump line. put one end in the tank and have a small bucket sitting lower than the tank. suck on the end sticking out the tank and start a flow coming out, its easier to suck up the fry with the other end in the tank than to try and net them. just have a little tank water alrdy in the bucket for them, and dont start the syphon on the fry, keep it away from them until the water starts coming out, if you dont, you may eat one If you want to keep them alive i have usually waited to remove fry when they have been freeswimming for awhile because some fry feed off the mother thru secretions in her skin. If your not worried about saving them then I dont think the group of spawning fish and large amount of fry will hurt anything. just have plenty of caves so they are not fighting for territory. Depending on the size of your tank, Your weak unneeded fish will eventually be eliminated by the others. its natures way of population control A pike cichlid is also good for eating fry..they are fast suckers!
  4. Yes the eggs are dead, if they havent been eatan allrdy, then i would remove them...................caviar anyone?
  5. how to tell sex of fish

    hi jan, usually on a male cichlid the dorsal (top) and the anal fin ( lower rear) has very long trailer behind it, while the female's are more rounded at the ends. the male is usually the more colorfull and prominent to help attract a mate. This however isnt true for all cichlids. Oscars are almost impossible to tell apart without checking surgically. Convicts are relatively easy to discern since the female almost always has a red tinted belly. After you have cichlids for a little while it will get easier to see the charactistic traits of the different sexes. If your trying to breed some fish, i recommend adding some pics on here and getting some opinions
  6. Nitrites

    Water naturally contains less than 1 milligram (1ppm) of nitrate-nitrogen per liter, it comes from nitrogen and oxygen. because that amount occurs naturally, i doubt you will be able to remove it It shouldnt cause a concern since drinking water can contain 10 ppm and still be considered safe to drink
  7. Blood Parrot with black spots

    Sounds like a disease called black spot. Blood Parrot cichlids are the only fish that can get Black spot disease. This disease is very common among parrot cichlids and displays itself as black spots on the fish. This is not normal or healthy and you should never buy Blood parrot cichlids that display signs of black spot disease. This disease can be a result of poor water quality and effected fish will get better if you improve the water quality. If the water quality isn
  8. looking for free or cheap 4"-8" jag cichlid. must have pics
  9. male or female

    Male or Female jaguar cichlid? sorry about posting so many but i finally got the photo to show up...this is the last one im posting...
  10. I was about to purchase a male jag to go as a mate with the jag in my photo album. But after looking at pics on the internet, i wasnt to sure. Can someone give me thier opinion? The jag in my album/gallery is approx. 7" lg
  11. I was about to purchase a male jag to mate with the one in my photo album, but after studying many pics on the internet, i wasnt to sure of the sex of my jag. The pics are in my album, please someone let me know what u think!
  12. male or female jag?

    male or female jag?
  13. unable to tell if my jaguar cichlid is male or female. jag is about 7" lg and i do have pics but cant post them on here. can anyone help? i can e-mail pics if needed