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  1. cichlids in my pond

    Hi my name is RICHIE1171 IM A MDVT ) ON THE PA AREA you want to know how carefully you want to be with you coypond cichlids cut be verry nasty depending on the breed the he add to the pond remenber all cichlid grow to a nasty size especial in a pond were the got room to grow event larger then in a in door aquarium ,secon of all africancichlid as jewels ,convicks ,temp to breed with in months in a pond the cut hi the fish frieor eggsas will call them so be care full with what he add on your pond temp to be nipis with coys tails fins can also eat othersthe have theeth wile coys have soft mandible, just look at your pond if you see some thing defrent i will advice you to pull them cichlids out for the safe of the rest of the pond
  2. Red Devil for sale

    hi my name is Richie im from reading pa,im verry interrest in your baby is a red devil midas im verry familiar with this breed of fish i have a verry large aquarium wer to put him in if you dont want him , i have five of then the are 14 inches long fat and verry helthylove this devis verry especial fish as a baologist i get to study them alot sorry i-f i miss spel some words im spanish, tal to me if you haven get reoff him by then i love to adophimor call me -484-336-0688 ok im home om weekens and mornings intill 2:00 pm ok trust me i talk bether then what i writei be waiting for your call thanks again richie1171