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  1. Cichlid T-shirts

    Does anyone know of a web site that sells African Cichlid T-shirts? I searched the web and did not come up with very much. I mostly found T-shirts with South American Cichlids on them. Tank You! MAtt
  2. mixing fish

    Is it safe to mix a Altolamprologus Compress with malawi cichlids?(pseudotropheus..melanichromis...libidichromis)
  3. Blue Gill

    If you enjoy the beautifule color and agressive eating of cichlids you should try blue gill. I went to a lake and caught some really pretty blue gill(sunfish). They were red with a tint of blue. I feed them feeder fish and earth worms. The only bad thing about them is that they are really dirty.
  5. rocks

    To be honest with you, these fish are extremely hardy. I would say that you can use just about any type of rock you want.
  6. Best Rocks to use

    any limestone rocks are good ones
  7. Malawi Cichlids - Salt or Not?

    I would use 1 cup of Coralife salt for every 5 gallons of water.
  8. do u love cichlids with their awsome color and activeness? if u do and have a little money to spend on aquariums you should try a reef tank or at least a s/w fish tank. it is awsome!!
  9. Lake Malawi is close to the ocean too. i am back after so long.... hi all old and new names.
  10. new reef tank

    just want to expose you to my new reef hobby. i have moved on from cichlids, although i still have one tank 55g.
  11. my fish

    all my tanks(well not all of them)
  12. reeftank!!!

    From the album my fish

  13. lol ok i understand now MAtt
  14. first of all cichlids need hard water so y would u add a water softener? second of all crushed coral may seam ok for african cichlids but it is kinda hard on their mouths because they like to dig and it is sharp. to get the water clear just do a couple of 50% water changes over about a 1 month period. another thing with crushed coral is that u are going to have a heck of a time cleaning it! ill warn u on that one. so give the water changes a try and see if that gets the tank clear ok? glad to help MAtt
  15. convicts

    well when "can i keep convicts with malawi cichlids" you are being to general there are 100s of different types of malawi cichlids... some might be able to live with convicts. but i would say that this is a BIG NO. sry MAtt
  16. sorry to burst ur bubble bella but they are both pseudotropheus saulousi they males are blue and the feamles are yellow/orange! MAtt tank list (frags for sale) -55 malawi -55 sw fish only -55 tropical -10 shell dwelling african -10 planted neon tetra -10 angel tank -10 guppy -30 small african -10 nano reef with pom pom xenia, toadstool leathers, maroon polyps, maroon mushrooms, green mushrooms, green star polyps and 2 great clowns! Its a lot but i love it
  17. rbp 4 135

    i love paintball and i was a cichliaholic until i got into reef tanks! which are awsome.... i still have a few cichlid tanks and love them a lot but i am more into reefs now wat kind of gun u got .... i have an 03 autococker MAtt
  18. stocking 20 gal.

    The yellow fish with black stipes and bars might be a melanichromis auratus. If this is the case get rid of it immediatly. it will destroy all of your other fish. this is only my personal experiance. so you can do what you want. MAtt
  19. Tomato Clown!

    From the album my fish

  20. From the album my fish

  21. From the album my fish

    To let u know that u might think that these are pretty but they are only the gold fish/trash tester fish of the reef/saltwater world! try out saltwater tanks 50 times better than cichlids.! now i am movin on to reefs!! MAtt
  22. Reef to-be

    From the album my fish

    this is my 10 gallon mini reef to be tank. wat do u think about it? Matt
  23. Water Changes

    u might have healthy water but this sounds like a horrible schedual to me.... on the other hand i have 2 reef tanks so mabe that is why i change the water so often in my cichlid tank. MAtt
  24. hey all rate my cichlid tank

    try putting a picture on so we can see wat it looks like. that is really the only way to rate it. MAtt
  25. my new star in the dark

    From the album my fish