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  1. first cichlid tank

    my fish
  2. hey i finally got a canister filter last night i.ve used two power filters till now i thought there might be a little diff but when i got up this morning i was amazed if your thinging about getting a canister please dont put it off any longer i highley recommend the filster xp3 ten miniute hook up and i have to fill it to make sure its running really quiet
  3. convicts

    hey im reall new to cichlids and id like to know if you can keep convicts in a tank with malawi cichlids or is this a big no if not what are the requirments foe convicts as in tank size substract ph any info would be very helpfull tahnks
  4. how to post pics

    hey i cant seem to figure out how to up load pics can some one help please