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    Indiana, right next to that big cornfield...
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    We just became the proud parents of 4 juvenile Red Devils. They are about an inch and a half long, and I believe we have three males and female. The plan was to get several, in hopes of getting a mated pair, and selling the leftover fish back to shop. We have a 55 gallon bowfront, but we are getting a 125 soon that will be ready long before they outgrow this tank. <br />As for getting a mated pair, I think I already may be scrapping that idea, as one little fella has caught my eye. He is by far the most inquisitive and bravest of the group. While the others hide in the rock log, he boldly explores the tank and doesn't bother to take cover when we walk in the room. I think we just may have to keep him instead.
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