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  1. my 55 gal tank

    I thought I added a pic, ut don't see the attachment, will try again.
  2. my 55 gal tank

    what do people think, I run a fuval 304 and fuval 404.
  3. Cichlid Tattoo

    thanks richard
  4. Cichlid Tattoo

    Very nice Richard, I have 8 tattoo's and can't believe I didn't think about taking in a pic and custom tattoo. I went to my artist yesterday and he is going to draw up some tattoo's from a few pics when I bring them in. Trying to decide which to take in. My first and favoite is my frontosa, but I know thats not much color. I also have a tangerine tiger, rubessa, morri, fire harp, yellow lab, d.compressa, albino zebra and red zebra. Most multi color is the TT and FH. Bright color would be YL or RZ. But I keep going back to Frontosa because He is my first Cichlid and my Favoite. If I can figure out how to post his pic I will. Or if you want to see I can e-mail it to you.
  5. Cichlid Tattoo

    I am trying to find a cichlid tattoo, or where I could download one. Another idea I had if I couldn't find that, was the symbol of fish in a african lanuage, perfer near the lakes of Malawi. Why am I looking for this...because my wife buys me a tattoo each year for Val. day and I want this.
  6. Water Changes

    thanks for the response, Matt sounds good, I need to do more small daily changes to get the stuff off the bottom, just don't have the time
  7. Cichlid websites

    thanks snatched.... I just found cichlids.com today such a simple name, but had not been there till today, tons of tank pics great for ideas of set up changes.
  8. Cichlid websites

    Looking for some good Cichlid websites. Anybody know some?
  9. Over stock?

    did add a 2 inch redtop albino zebra and a 2 inch yellow lab. But I am also going to bump up my filtration by adding another fluval 304 after christmas.
  10. Air stones/ bubble wand

    I have not had good luck with air pumps. Always found they are to loud. Don't like the loud humming. (or at least mine was loud) Any recommendations of Air pumps?
  11. I appericate your info. I did change the flow of my Fluval 304. That seems to help. Not had good luck with airstones, actually air pumps. Always seem to loud. Any recommendations. I will start a poll.
  12. What size food do you need?

    I use Sprecurm, I have fish rangeing from 3 in to 8 in, They can eat anysize that fits in mought, 5 inch I would use medium size. What size is your tank? How many fish do you have in it?
  13. Water Changes

    I gavel vac once every two weeks. do a 10 gal change then (55 gal tank) on opposite weeks I do about a 6 or 7 just water change.
  14. what to do for aggressive fish

    You can try moving the stuff in your tank around, changing hiding places, plant location etc. This will have the cichlids re-establish territoies and may help. How many fish do you have? types? size of tank? If this does not work, may have to take out the aggresser, trade him in. Have you talked to your cichlid store? Does the agresser pick on same fish?
  15. my peacock show tank

    Do you have any pictures?