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  1. FREE Money For Taking Pictures!

    lots of people have american cichlids. I think we should start a page of them. Calling all oscars, convicts, firemouths, salvins, ext.
  2. cory cats are safe for almost anything. Also i have heard that dwarf cichlids make very good community fish. Such as Blue Rams and Cockatoo dwarfs.
  3. hey i am interested in buying zebra, tiger, royal, or queens if anyone has any. Willing to trade convicts, large gray pleco ar semi large albino pleco, or firemouths. in GA
  4. for sale

    where are you?
  5. a convict of comprable size to any other fish would tear it up during breeding time. I have had a pair of convicts subdue a full grown oscar.
  6. Big Pleco and Little Pleco

    I have several plecos and have different varities together and i have kept 7 inches with 1/2 inchers and never had a problem. As with any addition i would add it and watch it closly.
  7. sex of fish

    In Americans the males have longer fins and often have head bumbs. The females sometimes have spots on thier abdomen that the males dont the males are also larger.
  8. Cobalt Zebra

    Hey One time my convicts spawned in a 20 w/ an undergravel filter. One day i looked in and all the babies had disappeared. I figured the parents had eaten them. Three weeks later I was cleaning out the filter plates because the tank was cloudy and I found about 200 half grown convicts under the filter plates! Just an interesting tidbit.