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  1. New Here

    sounds great.. the haps seem to be more shy than the rest but they are just as competative and i try to have heaps of hidey holes for them to get away. since i added the albino zeberas there seems to be a couple of bites missing for the labs tails so that means more rocks, but generally they are not too agressive and they all get enough food etc. once i get a nice photo of the tank i will load it up also
  2. Help ID please

    looks like an electric blue hap. does he have any gold egg dots on his rear fins?
  3. Water depth

    sounds like you will need a much larger tank. are you having any agression problems with a tank that size? how big exactlly are your fish?
  4. New Here

    unfortunaltey not mine, i wish! mine are all juveniles so are grey instead. i have 2 yellow labs, 2 blue haps, 2 albino zebras, 2 clown loaches, 5 bristlenoses 2 blue johanni, and 2 little stripey ones i cant remember the name of at the moment. they are in a 140L double height tank and all get along with each other well. in a seperate tank i have a purple white and red betta named ruby.. what about you?
  5. Popeye - Help!

    Gday I only had my tank a week and one of my Yellow Haps developed Popeye. I have been treating it every 4 days with triple sulpur but it has not gotten better. Now it is all white and i'm not sure what to do. I am not able to set up a hospital tank but none of the others seem affected. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? Thanks
  6. Sucking Catfish Vs Bottom Feeders

    I decided to go with 2 clown loaches and 5 bristlenose catfish (quite small in comparison to plecos) they seem fine for the moment and after 2 days my tank is sparkling!! The reputable fish breeder I buy my animals off said I shouldnt have a problem. I'll just have to keep my eye on them!
  7. New Here

    Hi All I'm new and I currently have a 140L upright tank with 10 chiclids (including the below picture of a electric blue hap) plus 2 clown loaches and 5 bristlenose catfish (algae eaters). I am waiting to get a decent shot of my tank to post but in the mean time here are a photo I found of one of my fish. Mine are currently juvenilles and dont have their full colours as yet.
  8. help please!!!!!!?

    This fish sounds like an Electric Blue Hap. I have a couple myself.
  9. cloudy tank

    I was having the same problem with algae growth and cloudy water. I bought 2 clown loaches and 5 bristlenose catfish (the sucking kind) and in 2 days the water is crystal clear. Mother Natures little garbage disposal units!
  10. New Guy here

    Yes, I have African Chiclids and they are agressive even with each other. One of mine at the moment has Popeye.. I have treated it with Triple Sulfur but it seems worse... any suggestions?
  11. Will my cichlid lose his eye?

    HI All, I have the same problem. One of my fishes eyes is swollen and popping out. I live in Australia so I'm not sure what to get as it is my first time keeping these fish. Does anyone have any suggestions. It has only come up in the last day or so Thanks,
  12. Hi, I'm new to keeping African Chiclids and I have recently set up a tank 190L tank with 6 chiclids in. They are all getting along fine. Thankfully the aquarium near by is owned by an enthusiast so i was able to get some sound advice. I was just wondering, i want to get another 6 or so fish, but i'm not sure what types. I live in Australia so I'm not sure it that makes a difference in avaliability. The six I currently have are 2 X all bright yellow with a black stripe along top fin, 2x juvenilles blue when adult change to black and have an electric blue stripe down either side and 2x tan with black stripes along the top of the fish, but i don't know what types they are. They are a male and female of each with plently of rocks and plants to hide in. They are all juveniles. Are there any that are red or strikingly patterned? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Hi all I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas about what type of catfish I can put in my tank. I am a little advserse to sucking catfish because the last catfish i had sucked the scales off my fish and they froze to death. Are botton feeders just as good? thanks