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  1. I started with yellow labs, easy to find, hearty, and active.
  2. fish kepers in Philly

    the hidden reef is my favorite because of the variety.I recently started a african (malawi) tank and found that stores like petsmart,petsplus etc.. have very little to offer.
  3. 30gal Amer chictank

    2jewels,2 black cons,2 severums,2 JD's
  4. Tore Up O

    oscars are known to run into sharp objects especially when feeding
  5. New Photo & User Gallery Module

    It keeps telling me I did not enter a description and I did
  6. Has anyone sucessfully used any type of adhesive to attach fake plants to rocks,flagstone,etc...I know that silicone is used to seal most tanks and I was wondering,afterall some rocks come attached aith fake plants.I want to design my own.
  7. feeding

    What types of food are you feeding your s.americans?i hear a wide variety is good for them. do you feed them fresh veggies?
  8. Help Us Build a Great Site!

    this is a very nice site, once I figure out all the navigational tools it'll be more fun.Keep up the good work!
  9. under gravel filter?

    I'm starting a new water change regimen today.No matter what I'll be cleaning my tanks every 2 weeks.
  10. fish kepers in Philly

    I was wondering where other Philadelphia Pa area aquarists find quality products and good variety.
  11. Cichlid compatibility chart

    It definetly helped my next tank will be an african chiclid,I like the small ones.
  12. Hello !!!

    how often do you do water changes?
  13. day 1 of cycling

    how's the cycling going,Ive been wondering about time frames for cycling a 55.it took about 7 weeks to cycle my 20 and can't remember how long for the 30.I'll be cycling a 55 this w/e.
  14. Dimidiochromis compressiceps

    great pic
  15. under gravel filter?

    my community tank has 8 types of tetras, 3 types of corys, 3 types of mollys and those suicide danios from cycling.