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  1. helps please

    He could be fighting with the tiger barbs a little, do you see a cloudy surface on the skin around the torn file that kind of looks like fungus?
  2. Impressive, what a beautiful fish!
  3. Age for Breeding

    Usually around a year old from my experience.
  4. ID fish, may be breeding

    That is a venustus
  5. cloudy tank dark cichlid

    They make this stuff you can put in the water that makes it crystal clear, a fish store would know what its called. Also if your water is getting cloudy it probably means you are feeding a bit too much, you want to only give the fish what he can eat within a minute or so per day so that nothing is left over. Sorry for the late response, hope this helps! Dana
  6. !!!Green Terror!!!!HELP

    Nothing is ever guaranteed but if you get them around the same size and introduce them at night while all the fish are sleeping you should be ok. Make sure to watch them closely for the next few days and if you see any signs of abuse remove the fish that is getting beat up.
  7. alrite people

    Welcome, hopefully you find the answer to all your questions! Dana
  8. Hi everyone!

    Welcome, Nice to have you at the Zone! Dana
  9. What Kind of Fish is this?????

    Pretty sure they are Pundamilia Nyererei
  10. Matt Clarke: 22.11.2006
  11. Gallery Fixed!

    Been broken for months but now its fixed... http://cichlidzone.com/forums/index.php?ac...;module=gallery Everyone go set up your own gallery in "My Controls" so we can see your fish... http://cichlidzone.com/forums/index.php?act=UserCP Dana
  12. Oscar

    Everythign I have heard says this is due to not enough water changes, I would get on that and hopefully it won't get any worse. Dana
  13. Hello

    Thanks for stopping by, we definitly can help you get back into raising Cichlids. Welcome to Cichlidzone.com! Dana
  14. Any simple Darwinian notion of natural selection has to be abandoned, and biologists are proposing more highly refined theories. More at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/Art...NE15/TPScience/