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In Topic: using coconut shells

11 March 2010 - 07:47 AM

Hi I am new here. I have read that some people use coconut shells cut in half with small holes drilled into them...especially for breeding Kribs. does anyone know what you need to do to prep the shell? Or where one might purchase some tank ready? any help will be appreciated. thanks

I use to keep them all the time - when I kept South and Central American cichlids and also when I kept Kribs ( thought they were S.Amer ) back then and they all seemed to love coconut shells. I brought them at supermarket - cracked them open ( actually sawed them in half so I could use both halfs ) ate the coconut then boiled the shells - peeled the residue off them and put in tanks. Had them for years - very durable and my plecos loved to suck on them. make a few holes in them though - escape hatch.