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03 September 2009 - 11:31 AM

I grew up in west africa and have been back over here in the usa for awhile now, have married and have 4 kids. When I aquired a free fishtank recently, I went ahead and got it set up. I have had many tanks and setups in the past, and my favorite had always been gouramis - this time the allure of the african cichlid got the better of me and I bought 2 today (despite the certain wrath of my wife for spending too much). I know practically nothing about them except that they are aggressive and hardy. It's nice to have a bit of home(africa) swimming around in my fishtank. One is yellow, the other blue - both have horizontal stripes.

Some of my other hobbys include air-cooled vw's(I have a '73 camper) and my collection of african butterflies. I currently live in tallahassee fl.