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breeding jewels!! Need help!!

28 April 2004 - 09:28 AM

I was doing some homework when I noticed one of my jewels acting funny. She was upside down and fluttering around like crazy, and I thought she was sick, but when I went over to look, to my surprise there were at least 100 eggs on the side of one of the caves. I have some pictures that will come at the end. I have some questions though. Is there anything special I need to do for them right now? I dont have a holding tank for the fry, and dont really have the money to get one right at the moment, unless I can use a 2 gallon or something like that, I can afford that. Also, they are still in a 10gallon tank. I didnt think that this would happen so soon, as they are only 2" long. In two weeks when i move I was going to put them in a 30 gallon. So in that respect, it is a little dissapointing. Any precautions I should take because of that?? She has since changed colors from her breeding colors back to her normal colors, is that normal? Also, I have never had fish breed before, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks