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In Topic: German Red Peacock

23 March 2004 - 01:20 AM

Wow cool man. Glad to know its a new forum. So um, the Roman Pilars.....
Well, I bought them at Pet Smart of all places, sometimes Petco carries them also.
If ya can not find them, let me know I will be happy to look for them here and send them to you. The large one was not cheap though. I think it ran me about $40 then the little ones, 4 in all were about $8-$12 a peice. :huh:
Maybe. Anyhow I can take a look and see whats up with the decorations for ya if you have no luck I mean.
Have you looked on e-bay at all for fish tank decorations? Maybe there are some there?
Wednesday I pick up the discus fish. Will take pics and post them real soon here.
Octavia Love

In Topic: German Red Peacock

21 March 2004 - 10:31 PM

OMG! I have 3 of those, I was told they were Baenscheis Red. The pic there ya have posted at the very beginning of this thread/post is exactly whay my 3 boys look like! :huh:
Take a look again at the pics of my 29 gallon tank of Rome.
(Does anyone ever post on here? or at least respnd to posts anymore? <_< )
Here is the link to my fish again.....Take a look.......
My Fish................what the heck are these?
Did the fish store goof up on the breed of fish I have. :o
I spent less than $40 on each one. B)
I am here in Colorado.....where is everyone mostly posting from? :)
Octavia Love :P

In Topic: New Cichlid Family! Will post pics tonight!

16 March 2004 - 11:50 PM

OK as promised Here are the pics of the Roman Ruins My 29 gal tank, Hope ya all enjoy the pics. I hope that the pics are clear. Enjoy!
Will send pics to the board for free also to add to the database/gallery!
Let me know what you all think please!
Octavia Love :lol: :P ;) :)
ps will post as many as I can! Have like 14 pics!

they are currently at:
Click here for tuns of pics of my new Cichlids and Roman Tank set up

Click on each PIC to view.

In Topic: Hello I am new to this board.

13 March 2004 - 02:11 PM

I bought 3 new cichlids yesterday. They are beautiful. As soon as I house them in the roman tank, I will hook everyone up with pics. :D
I have not had this type of fish before, they look exactly like the German Reds, but they are called, Baenschi Cichlid. It looks kind of like an orange baenschi or a Greman peacock. And 2 Dameson Cichlids. When I get them home Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, I will post some pics indeed.
I am debating some very beautiful disk fish in the ocean decor bowfront tank.
I am interested in knowing what you all think of the disk fish.
I miss my Pink Convict Cichlid, but it is so exciting to be setting up not one but now 2 tanks. With my Pink Convict Cichlid, I was able to mix in a school of Large Danio, Algee Eaters, and Clown Loaches, and one skunk catfish who when I bought him I thought was a brown loach. I have a feeling with the new cichlids I am buying....I may have to put them in another tank all together.
We shall see though.
Astarte 66
Octavia Love ;)