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Please help me!!! I have eggs.

27 February 2004 - 04:33 AM

Hello all! I'm new here and new to the babies for my fish lol. I just got my cichlids on Feb. 15. They been doing great. They gave me a female & male. The female had a big belly and it was bright purple. I thought she looked like she had eggs. Well to my surprise on Feb. 26 i noticed the male was chasing the other two fish i have in my 55 gallon tank away from the little cave rock i have in there. I looked and the female was in there and on the side of the wall in the rock was little eggs!!!! They are protecting it together. THe other fish i have in there is......Algae eater(plecostomus), L I Elongatus(reg), Pseudotropheus-Kenyi Pseudot. Now what do i need to do???? Just leave all the fish in there or take them out? And what about the mom & dad, do i leave them in their? I dont have no idea what to do.
Please help me!!!!!!!! :unsure: