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In Topic: help my discus is sick

21 April 2005 - 04:10 PM

My discus died.. Yes he was getting bullied up a little by the one of the other discus.. I had three at the time. My tank is fine and i add water every 7 mins to his bag.. so he was not in shock and i did have him for two weeks before he died. He was skinny when i got him from the pet store. I have a full tester kit for everything. I do believe he was sick with something. I have had fish all my life but owning discus has been new to me but i have read everything that i could them before venturing into owning them. It just seems to be hard to figure out in they are sick and with way disease. My other two discus are doing just fine.. thanks for helping


In Topic: New Convict Fry

18 April 2005 - 07:24 PM

I have firemouth parents. They usually have 300 eggs. I have had most of them live which of course is the problem. My first batch i separated half and basically watch to see which batch would survive. I found that the parents did a wonderful job and probably better than me most survived in both batches. I only found one problem there is a time when the parents will stop protecting and the fry are free game for any other fish in the tank then you will see them slowly disappear. That is when I fully separated all of them. Again 300 babies are too many fish for anyone person to have. Most people will not buy them until they are much larger. So you may want to consider how many you would like to raise yourself and how much room u have to raise them. I fully enjoy watching the parents chase of other fish three times it size and I allow my firemouths to raise their fry for some time now and then remove only a few from the tank that i can raise. The rest I must say became fish food for the other fish but even then u will be surprise how many will survise without its parent for protection.